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9–24 January 3 PM (UTC/GMT +2) Joint Application to higher education: Application period 1. Available study options


FAQ about applying to higher education

Do I have to be registered to apply?

You can apply without  being registered.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. This email includes a link you can use to add and remove study programmes and change the order of the study programmes. If you add new study programmes that have additional questions, you will be able to answer and save them. Also check whether you are required to send or resubmit certificate copies.

If you have Finnish internet banking codes, Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate, you will get access to the My Studyinfo –service by registering. As a registered user you can edit your application form within the application period and

  • change the order of preference of study programme choices
  • add and remove study programme choices
  • get information about the results of the selection
  • accept a study place electronically.

What are joint application and separate applications?

Joint application means that you can apply to up to 6 degree programmes from one or several different institutions with one application form during the application times. You have to place the programmes in order of preference on the application form. This order is binding and you cannot change it after the application period has ended. If you are accepted, you will be offered a study place highest on your order of preference list and to which you have enough points to be accepted.

Separate application means that you apply directly to an institution’s study programme. Depending on the institution’s application procedure for each programme, you can send separate applications individually for each study programme in an institution or one separate application form to several study programmes in one institution. There is no limit to how many study programmes you can apply.

What are application periods?

Application periods are set times when applying for joint application study programmes can be done. Applying to most programmes offered in English takes place during the first application period in January and the second application period in March-April only offers a few study programme possibilities in English.

Why are there two?

There are two application periods because the processing times for applications for degree programmes conducted in English and degree programmes in arts are longer.

How to apply?

  • Find study programmes that interest you on time (for example in October-November).
  • Make sure you have the right application times for each programme.
  • Note that in joint application you can apply up to six (6) different study programmes.
  • If the study programmes you are applying to are divided into both application periods, you need to apply on both periods. Note that this does not mean that the study programmes are offered on both times.

What if I apply on both application periods?

If you apply on both the first and second application periods, you must take into account that

  • you can apply to maximum of six (6) study programmes on their respective application times
  • you apply with one form, that is you use the same application form to apply on both application times
  • if you apply to all six (6) during the first application period, you cannot apply to any more study programmes during the second application period
  • you cannot apply to the first application period study programmes during the second application period.

Why does the application period end at 3 pm?

The application period ends during office hours so that we can make sure that everything works faultlessly until the end of the application period.

How do I know that my application has reached its destination?

After you have submitted your application you will get a confirmation email that your application has been received.

What if I don’t get the email confirmation that my application has arrived?

Before you submit your application, make sure your email address is spelled correctly. After you submit the application, a page with your application number will open with confirmation that your application has been sent. You will also receive this confirmation by email.

If the email does not arrive, you can contact the admission services of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) or university you have applied to to make sure that your application has been submitted.

Which higher education institution to contact with questions regarding my application?

If you have applied to a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in joint application, you can contact the highest preference on your list.

If you have applied to a university or a university of applied sciences (UAS) with separate application or to a university in joint application, contact each one separately.

When do I need to pay the application fee?

NB! Application fee is no longer collected when applying to higher education studies beginning after 1 August 2017. This means that the fee is still collected during the autumn 2016 application period for studies beginning in January 2017.

What does it mean that I can only get one study place?

You can only accept one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term. This rule also applies to Licentiate and Doctoral degrees awarded by Finnish universities. Exceptions to the provision are transfer student applications, the Åland University of Applied Sciences, the Police University College of Finland and studies at foreign higher education institutions.

How does it affect my possibilities to have a new study place in a Finnish higher education institution in the future, if I have accepted a study place in a higher education institution in Finland in summer 2014?

If you have accepted a study place in summer 2014 for programmes starting in autumn 2014 or later in a higher education institution in Finland (also concerns transfer student applications), you will not be seen as a first-time applicant in the future if you are applying for study programmes that have a quota for first-time applicants. For these study programmes you can apply in the future if you are changing to another field of study or you already have a higher education qualification. You can get more information from the higher education institutions.

What are entrance exams like?

Entrance exams to higher education can be either onephased or multiphased. The entrance exam date will be informed in advance. In multiphased entrance exams it is possible that the applicants who succeeded in the first phase the best, are the ones who can participate only in the next phase. You can get more specific information in the study programme descriptions under Admission and entrance exams. More information about exams is available in section Entrance examinations.

I applied in joint application to higher education, but I have not received an invitation to the entrance exam.

Universities of Applied Sciences’ full-time study programmes usually do not send out invitations to entrance exams anymore. The information about entrance exams can be found in the application instructions. Degree programmes in culture, health care and social services and part of degree programmes in humanities and education still send out invitations to entrance exams.

In university study programmes all applicants can usually participate in the entrance exams without receiving an invitation.

Always check the specific information for entrance exams for each degree programme you are interested in from the study programme description under Admission and entrance exams.

When do I get the information if I am accepted as a student or not?

You will get the information of the student selection according to the higher education institution practices: on the day the higher education institution has informed or when the selection results are ready. Usually the accepted students will get a letter, which includes the student selection results and the guide how to accept the place and enrol as a student.

What does it mean to be on a the waiting list?

To be on a waiting list means that you did not succeed well enough to be accepted straight away to your chosen options. The admission is based on admission criteria.  If you are not admitted you are placed on a waiting list, unless your result is failed.

How and when are students accepted  from a waiting list?

Students on a waiting list will be accepted as study places are released. A study place is released for example when an accepted student gets accepted to a study programme higher on his/hers order of preference list or the student decides not to accept the offered study place.

Is there a paper version of the application form available?

If you are unable to fill in the electronic application form, please contact the admission office of the university or university of applied sciences (UAS) you are applying to.

Can I print out my application later?

Make sure that you save or print out a copy of the application form after submitting it. You can only print out the application form later if you are signed in on the My Studyinfo service, and this requires Finnish internet banking codes, Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate.

Can I postpone the beginning of my studies?

You can register as non-attending for the academic year only for the following reasons:

  1. If you are unable to begin your studies due to illness or disability, and will be non-attending for one semester or the whole academic year
  2. Maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave
  3. Completion of military service, civilian service or voluntary military service for women in Finland

Where do I send my certificates?

In joint application: After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email where the necessary certificates are listed, and the addresses and dates by which you need to send them are specified.

In separate applications: If you use Studyinfo’s application form, you will receive an email where the necessary certificates are listed, and the addresses and dates by which you need to send them are specified. If you use the higher education institution’s own application form, the means of informing you how to send the certificates vary from institution to institution. However, you can always find the instructions from the Application process tab on the study programme overview.

What if I can’t get my degree or certifications before the application time expires?

Those applying with a non-Finnish qualification must have completed the required qualification before the end of the application period.

Does the quota for first-time applicants apply to me if I have previously accepted a study place abroad but not in Finland?

No, it only applies to you if you have previously accepted a study place in Finland.

See also the following technical FAQ:s about the Studyinfo service