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The next joint application period to higher education degree programmes offered in English is 5 to 19 January 2022. The degree programmes included in the joint application have now been published in the renewed Studyinfo. Check out the degree programmes and read more about applying in the renewed Studyinfo.

From autumn 2021 onward you can find all higher education degree programmes in the renewed Studyinfo.


FAQ about Studyinfo

Basic information

Is Studyinfo open for everyone?

Yes, everyone can browse the information here. is the official and up-to-date website with all the information about study programmes leading to a degree in Finland.

Are there any technical requirements for using Studyinfo?

A desktop computer or a laptop is recommended for filling an application and using My Studyinfo service. Use of mobile device is not recommended. E-services require internet connection and web browser. The browser must allow cookies and JacaScript. Also check that you have allowed e.g. pop-up windows in your web browser settings. Studyinfo is best viewed with the newest versions of the following web browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Are there statistics available on Studyinfo?

At the moment there are no statistics available in English. Statistics in Finnish can be found from

Where can I find information on preparatory education for immigrants?

Can I find a compilation of all of the study programmes with entrance examinations from Studyinfo?

There is no such compilation, but if the institution has provided the information about entrance examination, the time and place of the entrance examination can be found from the Admission and entrance exams tab.

About applying

For how long do the study options remain on the shortlist, and is it possible to edit the options?

The study options that the applicant has collected on the shortlist remains until the browser is closed. The shortlist cannot be saved but you can send it to yourself by email. The old shortlist can be reopened from a link in the email.

Can I print out the shortlist?

You can both print it and send it to yourself by email, but you cannot save it.

Can I print out my application later?

You can only print it if you are signed in on the My Studyinfo service. Please note that signing in requires Finnish internet banking codes, Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate. So be prepared to print out your application once you have filled and submitted it. If you send it to your email, you will receive it in PDF format.