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English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes published!
Check available options in Joint application to higher education, spring 2021.
Joint application opens 7 January 2021! Search for interesting study programmes below.


Autumn joint application:

Links to the ID codes used to register into the general UAS selection tests have now been sent via SMS and email.
This ID is required in order to register to the selection test. 

You can also find the link to the ID code by logging into the My Studyinfo-service. 

Results of selection based on grades are now published. See your results by logging into the My Studyinfo-service. 

FAQ about studying in Finland

What is the language test and when do I need to take it?

The language test is taken when you are needed to provide a certificate of your language proficiency, for example when applying for a study place or job or the acquisition of a Finnish citizenship.  You can prove your language skills with, for example, National Certificate of Language Proficiency. Read more about Proof of language proficiency.

Do I have to be registered to apply?

You can apply without being registered. If you are required to pay the Application fee, you need to have an active email account or Google account.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. This email includes a link you can use to add and remove study programmes and change the order of the study programmes. If you add new study programmes that have additional questions, you will be able to answer and save them. Also check whether you are required to send or resubmit certificate copies.

If you have Finnish internet banking codes, Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate, you will get access to the My Studyinfo –service by registering. As a registered user you can edit your application form within the application period and

  • change the order of preference of study programme choices
  • add and remove study programme choices
  • get information about the results of the selection
  • accept a study place electronically.

What are application periods and how do they work?

Application periods are set times when applying for joint application study programmes can be done. With general upper secondary education, applying happens in February-March. With higher education, applying to most programmes takes place during the first application period in January and the second application period in March-April only offers a few study programme possibilities.

Why are there two?

Higher education study programmes have two application periods because the processing times for applications for degree programmes conducted in English and degree programmes in arts are longer.

How to apply?

  • Find study programmes that interest you on time (for example in October-November).
  • Make sure you have the right application times for each programme.
  • Note that in joint application you can apply up to five (5) study programmes in upper secondary education and up to six (6) different in higher education.
  • If the higher education study programmes you want to apply to are divided into both application periods, you need to apply on both periods. Note that this does not mean that the same study programmes are offered on both times.

Applying on both application periods

If you apply on both the first and second application periods, you must take into account that

  • you can apply to maximum of six (6) study programmes on their respective application times
  • you apply with one form, that is you use the same application form to apply on both application times
  • if you apply to all six (6) during the first application period, you cannot apply to any more study programmes during the second application period
  • you cannot apply to the first application period study programmes during the second application period.

Read more instructions on how to apply on both application periods.