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The next joint application period to higher education degree programmes offered in English is 5 to 19 January 2022. The degree programmes included in the joint application have now been published in the renewed Studyinfo. Check out the degree programmes and read more about applying in the renewed Studyinfo.

From autumn 2021 onward you can find all higher education degree programmes in the renewed Studyinfo.


FAQ about applying upper secondary education

Who can apply?

You can apply to general upper secondary education if you have completed comprehensive school or similar education, for example abroad. You need to have the certificates ready when you apply.

How can I apply?

Please read instructions here.

When do I apply?

Joint application usually takes place in February-March, but separate application periods vary. Check exact dates from the study programme description.

What is joint application?

In joint application you apply to a maximum of five (5) upper secondary education schools with one form during the application period. You put the programmes in order of preference which becomes binding after the application period has ended. If you are accepted, you will be offered a study place from a school highest on your list and to which you meet the admission criteria.

How do I know that my application has reached its destination?

You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have specified on the application.

What if I don’t get my email confirmation?

In case you have written your email address wrong in the application:

  • Contact your guidance counsellor, if you study in Finland.
  • You can log in to My Studyinfo -service and correct your application, if you have Finnish identity number and online banking credentials, Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate.

If neither of the above applies to you, contact Studyinfo help service: neuvonta(at)

When do I send the certificates?

You need to send all necessary certificates by the end of the application period. Always check the format and method of sending the certificates directly from the school you are applying to.

Do upper secondary schools have entrance exams?

Foreign language study programmes do not usually have entrance examinations. Read the study programme description and the admission criteria and instructions carefully before applying.

When do I get to know if I’ve been accepted?

The results of admissions are usually announced in the summer. When you get accepted to a study place to which you meet the admission criteria, the other options lower on your application will be cancelled. Make sure to type your email address in the application if you want to be notified of the admission by email. Once the admission results are announced, you need to accept the study place by the specified date or you will lose the place.

Is there a language test?

All requirements are stated in the admission criteria in the study programme description.