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The admission results in the spring joint application to higher education have been published. Admissions from waiting lists has ended.

Higher education institutions can arrange supplementary application rounds during the summer for study places that were not filled in the primary joint application round. See the list of supplementary applications available.

The autumn joint application to higher education 1 to 15 September 2021. Check out study programmes offered in English in the renewed Studyinfo!

Image link to study programmes offered in the autumn joint application to higher education in the renewed Studyinfo.

Conversion chart for EB, IB and Reifeprüfung examinations

These conversion charts are meant for applicants in joint application to higher education who are applying with an EB (European Baccalaureate), IB (International Baccalaureate) or Reifeprufung diploma and need to fill in their grades on the application form.

There is a recommendation on the conversion of EB, IB and Reifeprüfung diplomas to the Finnish matriculation examination. However, converting the grades may vary from one higher education institution to another. More information is available from the universities’ and UAS’ admission services.

General recommendation is that

  • a good EB, IB and Reifeprüfung diploma is taken into account similar to the Finnish matriculation examination;
  • applicants who because of late completion of the diploma could not be taken into account in that year’s student admissions are considered new graduates the next year.

Conversion formula for EB

EB diploma Finnish matriculation examination
10.00−9.00 laudatur
8.95−8.00 eximia cum laude approbatur
7.95−7.00 magna cum laude approbatur
6.95−6.00 cum laude approbatur
5.95−5.00 lubenter approbatur
4.95−4.00 approbatur

With mathematics, the recommendation is that points 10.00-9.50 are comparable to laudatur, points 9.45-8.50 to eximia cum laude approbatur and points 8.45-7.00 to magna cum laude approbatur. If the universities deem it necessary, the total score of the EB diploma can be taken into account.

Conversion formula for IB

IB diploma Finnish matriculation examination
7 excellent laudatur
6 very good eximia cum laude approbatur
5 good magna cum laude approbatur
4 satisfactory cum laude approbatur
3 mediocre lubenter approbatur
2 poor approbatur

The recommendation also states that with student admissions there is a possibility, for example, to take a dissertation into account, especially when the dissertation has been given the grade A (Excellent).

Conversion formula for Reifeprüfung Diplomas

Reifeprüfung diploma Finnish matriculation examination
15−13 points laudatur
12−10 points eximia cum laude approbatur
9−8 points magna cum laude approbatur
7 points cum laude approbatur
6−5 points lubenter approbatur
4 points approbatur

If the universities deem it necessary, the average of the Reifeprüfung diploma’s total score can be taken into account in student admission.

Conversion formula of certificate grades

EB programme leaving certificate IB programme leaving certificate Reifeprüfung programme leaving certificate * Finnish general upper secondary school leaving certificate
9–10 7 (Excellent) 13–15 points 10
8 6 (Very good) 10–12 points 9
7 5 (Good) 7–9 points 8
6 4 (Satisfactory) 5–6 points 7
5 3 (Mediocre) 3–4 points 6
3–4 2 (Poor) 1–2 points 5

* The grade point average of a Reifeprüfung Diploma is converted so that the total score is first divided by 60 and then converted according to the table above. (Example: 520:60 ≈ 8.67, which corresponds to grade 8 on a general upper secondary school certificate according to the conversion table above.)