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Application period to vocational teacher education 2 Jan to 23 Jan. Check available study options


The first joint application of 2020 has ended.

Remember to deliver the required attachments and preliminary assignments on time. 

The attachments need to be completely uploaded to the application form, and the application form needs to be saved before the deadline. 

You can find information on how to submit the attachments on the application form. For additional information, please contact the admissions services of the university or UAS you are applying to. 

How to apply in separate applications

1. Find study options with the search engine

  • You can use different educations, a specific education institution or a field of study that interests you as search words.
  • The programme descriptions include information and key aspects of the different study programmes, such as the application time for each programme.
  • Find more information on how to apply in the study programme descriptions.

2. Apply to the study programme

  • You can access the application form or the universities’ or UAS’ own admissions pages from each programme by clicking “Fill in application”.
  • You need to fill in a separate application form for each programme.

3. Fill in the application form

  • Follow the instructions on each separate application form and submit the application.
  • If you want to make changes to your application, use the link provided in your confirmation email. Please note that this link is personal!  Giving it to someone else means they can make changes to your application.

4. Confirming the study place

  • You will receive a notification with the application results with instructions on accepting the study place and registering as a student as well as important dates.
  • You can only confirm one study place per term.
  • Confirm the study place by following the university’s or UAS’s guidelines.
  • Register at the university or UAS.