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The next joint application period to higher education degree programmes offered in English is 5 to 19 January 2022. The degree programmes included in the joint application have now been published in the renewed Studyinfo. Check out the degree programmes and read more about applying in the renewed Studyinfo.

From autumn 2021 onward you can find all higher education degree programmes in the renewed Studyinfo.


Transfer student application

Transfer student application in Universities of applied sciences (UAS) and Universities

A transfer student is a student whose study right is transferred either to different degree programme or different higher education institution.

Transfer student application is possible, if you have a study right in a degree programme in a Finnish higher education institution and you are interested in changing either your degree programme or higher education institution.

Use transfer student application if,

  • you want to change your degree programme to the same or similar study field within your higher education institution and/or
  • you want to change your degree programme to the same or similar study field in a different higher education institution.

In some cases the higher education institutions use their own practices in transfer applications. Please note that transfer student applications are not used in every educations/degree programmes.

Higher educations can also offer other opportunities to study interesting subjects and there can be possibilities to combine different studies to your degree. Check these opportunities and the relating practicalities directly from the higher education institution in question.

When to apply in transfer student applications?

Transfer student applications do not have a unified application period and the higher education institutions have their own separate application periods for transfer students. Always check the application period from either the Studyinfo degree programme description or the higher education institution.

Higher education institutions can arrange transfer student applications once or twice per year or they can have an ongoing application period.

Higher education institutions decide admission criteria for transfer student applications

Transfer students are selected based on the admission criteria set by the higher education institutions.

Examples of these are:

  • previous study right
  • the equivalence of completed studies
  • study success

Higher education institutions can ask the transfer student applicant to attend an entrance examination. The exact admission criteria are available from each degree programme description (admission and entrance exams). You will be informed of the possible study place in due time.

Your previous study entitlement ends

When you accept a new study place from transfer student application, your previous study entitlement ceases. The completion period of the degree is not extended and the time you have used in your previous studies is subtracted from the target study time.  If you have a study right to both Bachelor’s and Master’s level programmes and you transfer during Bachelor’s level education, your study right to Master’s degree programme is also transferred.
Transfer student application does not include

  • the selection of main subject or specialisation studies
  • applying to Master’s level education

Always check the degree programme in question for more detailed information on transfer admission criteria and the application periods.

All other transfers must be applied for through the normal application and admission procedure.