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Entrance examinations

In Finland entrance examinations are used frequently as part of student admission. They are especially widely used when applying to Bachelor’s level education. Admission criteria for Master’s level education are more commonly based on other criteria, but examinations can be used as well. Always check the specific admission criteria for each degree programme you are interested in from the study programme description. Entrance examinations can take place in one phase or several. In the latter, only part of the applicants continue to the next phases in the examination process.

Universities of applied sciences (UAS)

Universities of applied sciences use entrance examinations as admission criteria in the student selection to Bachelor’s level education. Many UAS cooperate in the entrance examinations. This means that an entrance examination completed at one UAS is accepted by another cooperating programme and you will not need to take the same examination at another institution. In a case when the degree programmes to which you have applied are co-operating in the entrance examinations, you will be invited only to the entrance examination of your highest option of preference in the same co-operating programme. The results of the entrance examination will be transferred to all the co-operating degree programmes you have applied to.

Please note that some universities of applied sciences require that you participate in their own entrance examination. You must attend all entrance examinations you are invited to in order to ensure you will be admitted to all of your application options. All parts of the entrance examination have to be accepted in order to be admitted.

The application process may also include sending in a pre-assignment, instructions to which are given in the study programme description. In this case you need to complete and send in the pre-assignment along with the necessary documents listed in the study programme description in order to be invited to take the entrance examination.

Some UASes arrange entrance examinations abroad and some only in Finland. More information about entrance examinations abroad is available from FINNIPS. Please note, that the higher education institutions cannot and will not in any case influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland regarding visas.


Usually students are admitted to universities based on upper secondary education certificate and entrance examination. The universities decide the selection criteria, and they may vary between universities and study programmes. However, they must be consistent between applicants. In joint application, you can only be accepted to one study programme based on the order of preference on your application. Read more about one study place per term provision.

Always check the specific admission criteria for each degree programme you are interested in from the study programme description.