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Admission results for the joint Application 2020 for higher education (study programmes offered in English) are ready.

If you have been admitted to a study programme, you will receive a notification of this to your email.

Please note that you can confirm only one study place per academic term. Confirm the study place by 17 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3).


Higher education institutes organize supplementary applications during July and August. In these applications, you can apply to degree programmes where the applicant quota was not filled.

See the selection of available degree programmes taught in English in supplementary applications.

Finnish universities of applied sciences (UAS)

Electronic engineering students in a professional subject class.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) have the mission to train professionals with emphasis on labour market needs and conduct research and development which supports instruction and promotes regional development in particular. The education in UAS emphasises co-operation with the business, industry and service sectors at the regional level in particular.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offer

Education is provided in 8 different fields.

UAS confer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Degrees are constructed to meet the evolving requirements and developmental needs of the working world by having a distinct emphasis on the occupational field. Graduates from UAS are qualified for various professional duties.

For those who wish to study in English, UAS in Finland provide around 100 Bachelor’s degree programmes and over 20 Master’s degree programmes.

UAS can also accept an applicant for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree if the applicant has other necessary knowledge and preparedness required for the studies. UAS select their students independently and entrance examinations are an important part of the selection procedures.