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Application period to vocational teacher education 2 Jan to 23 Jan. Check available study options


The first joint application of 2020 has ended.

Remember to deliver the required attachments and preliminary assignments on time. 

The attachments need to be completely uploaded to the application form, and the application form needs to be saved before the deadline. 

You can find information on how to submit the attachments on the application form. For additional information, please contact the admissions services of the university or UAS you are applying to. 

Arts in UAS

A music student plays a desk top player. Photo: Jyrki Vesa

The degrees available in the field of Arts are

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts

The Culture field covers almost all education in creative fields.

Media programmes include cinema and television, journalism, animation, games, audiovisual and Internet production, publishing and advertising as well as business and organisational communication. Performing arts and music programmes include education in theatre and puppet theatre, circus, pop/jazz music and for dance teachers, musicians and music educators. Design programmes cover industrial design, interior architecture and furniture design, textiles and fashion design, as well as crafts and design, such as jewellery design.

The Culture field also includes education in visual arts, photography, conservation, restoration and cultural management. The Degree Programme in Library and Information Services leads to the UAS Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

The Culture field covers 15 degree programmes and 12 degree titles. The scope of the degree is 240 ECTS credits and it can be completed within four years. Exceptions are the Bachelor’s degrees for Musicians and Music Educators with 240 ECTS credits and the Bachelor of Business Administration with 210 ECTS credits.

What do the studies comprise?

Studies consist of core and professional studies, elective studies, work placement periods and a Bachelor’s thesis. Many Culture education units are small in terms of student numbers and each unit has its own, clearly distinct profile and character. The starting points for education vary from the needs of regional business life to national and, to some extent, international educational missions.

UAS are constantly creating their own focus areas in the contents, objectives and forms of degree programmes based on their own terms and pedagogical goals. Culture education units share a strong development orientation, continuous assessment of their own operations and a drive for quality improvement, as well as diverse interaction and co-operation with the worlds of business and culture.

Master’s degrees

After completing a UAS Bachelor’s degree and acquiring relevant work experience, it is possible to take a UAS Master’s degree with a scope of 60 or 90 ECTS credits.


The joint application period for English-language Bachelor’s Degree programmes is annually in January.