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The higher education institutions will publish results from the joint application to higher education according to their own timetables during spring.
All results will be published on 4 June 2021 at the latest.

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Health and welfare in UAS



In the field of Health and welfare, it is possible to complete university of applied sciences (UAS) Bachelor’s degrees with scopes varying between 210 and 270 ECTS credits and standard completion periods ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 years.


Bachelors of Health Care have received scientific, technical and functional capabilities to work as specialists at different levels of the health care system, for various organisations and within the private sector.

The degree titles include

  • Biomedical Laboratory Technologist (bioanalyytikko AMK)
  • Emergency Nurse (ensihoitaja AMK)
  • Dental Hygienist (suuhygienisti AMK)
  • Dental Technician (hammasteknikko AMK)
  • Midwife (kätilö AMK)
  • Naprapath (naprapaatti AMK)
  • Occupational Therapist (toimintaterapeutti AMK)
  • Optometrist (optometristi AMK)
  • Orthotist-Prosthetist (apuvälineteknikko AMK)
  • Osteopath (osteopaatti AMK)
  • Physiotherapist (fysioterapeutti AMK)
  • Podiatrist (jalkaterapeutti AMK)
  • Public Health Nurse (terveydenhoitaja AMK)
  • Radiographer (röntgenhoitaja AMK)
  • Registered Nurse (sairaanhoitaja AMK).

The essential aspects of these professions include promotion and maintenance of health, prevention and treatment of disease and relief of pain and suffering for different client groups in multicultural environments. Health care differs from other fields in that working within the field also requires the right to practise the profession (as a licensed professional or a professional with a protected occupational title) in addition to the degree. You can obtain this right after completion of the degree by joining the register of health care professionals maintained by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (VALVIRA).

Programmes crossing the traditional professional boundaries between Health Care and Social Services include those leading to the Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care degree, with degree titles Geriatric Nurse (geronomi AMK) and Rehabilitation Counsellor (kuntoutuksen ohjaaja AMK).


Studies consist of core, professional and elective studies, work placement periods and a Bachelor’s thesis.

A key feature of studying is a strong connection to the world of work, which is realised in work placements, various projects and Bachelor’s theses. Part of the studies may be completed abroad. Studying is independent, which places emphasis on students’ motivation and responsibility for their own studies.

In addition to professional knowledge and skills, working life skills within Social Services, Health and Sports include willingness and ability to work with people, being active, responsible and open-minded, using one’s own initiative and the ability to work and make decisions independently and to develop oneself.

Master’s degrees

After completing a UAS Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of relevant work experience, it is possible to take a Master’s Degree with a scope of 90 ECTS credits, with focus on development and management of work.

Language of instruction

You can study for UAS degrees in Health and welfare in Finnish, Swedish and English.


The joint application period for English-language Bachelor’s Degree programmes is annually in January.