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The higher education institutions will publish results from the joint application to higher education according to their own timetables during spring.
All results will be published on 4 June 2021 at the latest.

Check instructions on admission results and how to accept an offer of admission.

Services (hospitality management, logistics, security, sports studies) in UAS


The degree titles of the university of applied sciences UAS Bachelor’s degree in the field of Services (210-270 ECTS credits) are:

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management (restonomi AMK)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (tradenomi AMK)
  • Bachelor or Engineering (insinööri AMK)
  • Bachelor of Marine Technology, Mariner (merikapteeni AMK)
  • Bachelors of Beauty and Cosmetics (estenomi AMK)
  • Bachelors of Sports Studies, with degree title Sports Instructor (liikunnanohjaaja AMK)

You can study the field in Finnish, Swedish and English. Some degrees are not available in English.

The field offers interesting customer service and supervisory positions as well as assignments focusing on planning, provision and development of services in various working environments, often in multicultural and international working communities.

What do the studies comprise?

Different UAS focus the contents of education differently. However, all programmes share service culture competence, as well as business, working community and internationalisation competences. Studies consist of core and professional studies, elective studies, work placement periods and a Bachelor’s thesis. Studies are project-based and involve intense co-operation with representatives of the world of work. Work placement periods (30 ECTS credits) consolidate practical professional skills, strengthen business competence and focus development of expertise individually. In the Bachelor’s thesis process (15 ECTS credits), students consolidate their own specialisation and apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt.

Hospitality Management

Core studies in Hospitality Management promote areas such as communication and interaction skills as well as basic skills in the field. Professional studies focus on development and management of customer and service processes and development of service products. Specialisation options include tourism, accommodation, catering, activity, food and site facilities services. As contents of studies and specialisations vary, it is advisable to check the provision of different UAS carefully during the application phase.

Security Services

The core competences of a Bachelor of Business Administration specialising in Security Services include risk management, safety management, business competence, personal security, information security and security management as well as operational, premises and environmental security.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Bachelors of Beauty and Cosmetics (estenomi AMK) are able to combine their knowledge of cosmetic raw ingredients and commercial competence in cosmetics as required by cosmetics legislation. They are producers, designers and developers of products, services and business operations within the field of beauty care and cosmetics. The programme provides capabilities to apply for training as upper secondary teachers.

Sports Studies

Bachelors of Sports Studies, with degree title Sports Instructor (liikunnanohjaaja AMK), work for local authorities, sports organisations and clubs or private sports and wellness businesses, etc. In addition to multidisciplinary instruction, coaching and training work, many work in specialist, supervisory, administrative and development assignments. With growing supply of private sector services within the field, an increasing number of graduates will become entrepreneurs or self-employed.


Logistics is a practically driven field specialising in management of material, money and information flows, which has become significant in economic terms. It covers physical, informational and financial management of corporate material flows from purchasing through to the end customer. The areas of logistics falling within the technology sector include transport, storage, operational management and supply chain management. Areas overlapping with business include purchasing, distribution and information management in the field. Logistics also covers seafaring.

Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and rescue services form a cross-sectoral operating field combining knowledge of materials and structures with other technical fields through to specialised knowledge and legislation relating to risk management, fire protection and rescue services. Training in the field is a requirement for civil service posts in rescue services.

Master’s degrees

The UAS Master’s degrees in the field of Services (60-90 ECTS credits) are:

  • Master of Hospitality Management (restonomi, ylempi AMK)
  • Master of Business Administration (tradenomi, ylempi AMK)
  • Master or Engineering (insinööri, ylempi AMK)
  • Master of Marine Technology, Mariner (merikapteeni, AMK)
  • Master of Beauty and Cosmetics (estenomi, ylempi AMK)
  • Master of Sports Studies, with degree title Sports Instructor (liikunnanohjaaja, ylempi AMK)

They provides capabilities to work in demanding development and expert assignments within the field. The studies consolidate competences required in development and management of working communities and their services.


The joint application period for English-language programmes is annually in January.