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Admission results for the joint Application 2020 for higher education (study programmes offered in English) are ready.

If you have been admitted to a study programme, you will receive a notification of this to your email.

Please note that you can confirm only one study place per academic term. Confirm the study place by 17 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3).


Higher education institutes organize supplementary applications during July and August. In these applications, you can apply to degree programmes where the applicant quota was not filled.

See the selection of available degree programmes taught in English in supplementary applications.

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Social sciences, journalism and information in UAS

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In the field of Social sciences, journalism and information, it is possible to complete university of applied sciences (UAS) Bachelor’s degrees with a scope of 210 ECTS credits and standard completion period of 3.5 years.


Bachelors of Social Services (sosionomi AMK) are professionals with extensive opportunities to work with different client groups. The role of a Bachelor of Social Services is to promote people’s well-being and prevent social exclusion and disadvantage. The work focuses on dealing with clients, instructing groups and communities and/or management and development.

Typical operating areas for degree-holders include

  • working with children and families
  • services for elderly and disabled people
  • mental health work
  • adult social care
  • substance abuse welfare
  • probation and aftercare
  • immigrant services.

The extensive competence of a Bachelor of Social Services rests on the ability to perceive an individual’s circumstances as a whole and their connections to social and cultural factors.

Programmes crossing the traditional professional boundaries between Health Care and Social Services include those leading to the Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care degree, with degree titles Geriatric Nurse (geronomi AMK) and Rehabilitation Counsellor (kuntoutuksen ohjaaja AMK).


Studies consist of core, professional and elective studies, work placement periods and a Bachelor’s thesis.

A key feature of studying is a strong connection to the world of work, which is realised in work placements, various projects and Bachelor’s theses. Part of the studies may be completed abroad. Studying is independent, which places emphasis on students’ motivation and responsibility for their own studies.

In addition to professional knowledge and skills, working life skills within Social sciences, journalism and information include willingness and ability to work with people, being active, responsible and open-minded, using one’s own initiative and the ability to work and make decisions independently and to develop oneself.

Master’s degrees

After completing a UAS Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of relevant work experience, it is possible to take a Master’s Degree with a scope of 90 ECTS credits, with focus on development and management of work.

Language of instruction

You can study for UAS degrees in Social sciences, journalism and information in Finnish, Swedish and English.


The joint application period for English-language Bachelor’s Degree programmes is annually in January.