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Supplementary application for joint application to higher education has started. Read more on supplementary application. Higher education institutions arrange supplementary application rounds between 2 July and 15 August for study places that were not filled during the primary application round. Check available study options.


Admission results for joint application to higher education are ready. If you are offered a study place in the joint application of spring 2018 by 28 June, accept the study place by 10 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3). If you are offered a study place after 28 June, accept the study place by the given date.


Application to preparatory education for general and vocational upper secondary education open from 22.5. until 24.7.!

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VALMA – Preparatory education for upper secondary vocational education and training

LUVA – Preparatory education for general upper secondary education

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Student interview: Barbara Kiss

Barbara Kiss

Name: Barbara Kiss
Age: 24
Home country: Hungary
Study programme and education institution: Degree Programme in International Business, Kuopio – Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Academic background: Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media studies, Hungary 2011

What inspired you to come to Finland to study in this programme?

After my graduation I moved to Finland with my Finnish boyfriend. Getting into a university, learning the language and the subject I am interested in would help me fit into the Finnish society. Savonia has many well-developed and promising international partners, and this fact was just a surplus when I found the International Business and Administration program which offered goals and objectives matching my expectations.

What was the process like when you were deciding on a study programme?

I knew I wanted to study in Kuopio. I checked options for more practical studies, but they were only in Finnish. I was not ready to study in Finnish and Savonia had the best reputation and selection of English study programs. I considered 2 options, but decided on this program because I knew more about it. The process was not that hard because my expectations matched the options.

What was the application procedure like?

First I gathered information from the website of the school and from its students. As an EU citizen I had less to do than my non EU citizen classmates, but I still needed to write an English exam because I did not have the required language certificate. The language test was well organized at the same time with the entrance exam. The Savonia admission office was extremely helpful, and the smooth application process motivated me and gave me more hope of success in the entrance exam.

Could you tell us a little about the courses and methods in your study programme?

The courses vary in a wide range but are built up in a logical way. English language courses support the mandatory courses. The study plan is organized so that we can adjust it according to our own will. The courses include cooperation with teachers and companies, and we get to do a lot of practical and team work beside the theory. The teachers are always available for questions and eager to receive feedback.

What were your expectations before you arrived? Where your expectations met?

Barbara Kiss in China.Things I got from this study programme are beyond my expectations. I expected to learn new things about businesses in the international field and to belong to a good international group. Above this I got a lot of very good friends, useful contacts and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as my one month exchange to China, Shanghai. The school and its teaching methods have motivated me to reach career goals and dreams.

Do you have any tips for international students about coming to Finland to study?

The quality of teaching is beyond average, and the polytechnic / UAS provide a wide range of opportunities to everyone. There are exchange opportunities available, internship offers with the best companies abroad or in Finland, school activities, sports and language course possibilities. It is simply special. Be on time and respect deadlines. Be open-minded to experience the Finnish way of living and get ready for the winter. Everybody here is more than helpful so now it is only up to you!