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Supplementary application for joint application to higher education has started. Read more on supplementary application. Higher education institutions arrange supplementary application rounds between 3 July and 30 August for study places that were not filled during the primary application round. Check available study options.


Vocational teacher education

Group of teacher students have gathered outside wintertime.

Vocational teacher education is intended for applicants who work or intend to work as a teacher at universities of applied sciences and institutions of vocational education. The education offers a general pedagogical qualification for teaching at all educational levels.

The aim of vocational teacher education is to provide the students with

  • the knowledge and skills needed in the guidance of the learning process of individual students
  • the competencies to advance in their own teaching area, taking into account the development of working life and professions.

The extent of vocational teacher education is 60 credit points. It includes studies in the basics of educational sciences, vocational pedagogy, and a teaching practice, among other studies.

Application period

The next annual application period is on 4–26 January 2017. Application period ends on 26 January 2017 at 3.00 pm (UTC/GMT +2). The national joint online application is available during the application period.

Check the vocational teacher programmes provided in English

Admission criteria

The programme applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for teaching positions in vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences. The vocational teacher education institution will check your qualifications.

The following qualification requirements apply to candidates for Vocational Subject Teacher Education:

  1. a suitable higher education degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) and
  2. at minimum three years of work experience in their professional field. Applicants in the field of social services and health with a degree from a university of applied sciences must have five years of work experience.

The qualifications are determined by the following legislation:

  • The Decree on the Qualifications of Educational Staff 986/1998
  • The Polytechnic Act 932/2014
  • The Decree on Polytechnics 352/2003.

Finnish legislation valid only in Finnish and Swedish.

Read more

More information on the website of the vocational teacher education institutions.

Further information

Information on modes of study and their implementation is available on the Internet sites of Vocational Teacher Education Institutions.