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Joint application to higher education autumn 2017: Application period has ended

Agriculture and forestry

The field of Agriculture and Forestry offers applied and multidisciplinary studies in agricultural, forest, environmental, food, nutritional and economic sciences as well as biotechnology.

Responsible use of natural resources is the basis for current and future welfare. Topical global challenges, such as mitigation of climate change, food security, sustainable use of natural resources and new energy solutions, are explored in the studies in a multidisciplinary manner, considering different perspectives. Extensive research is carried out in the field, ranging from the level of genomes through carbon cycles in ecosystems and human nutrition to issues of responsibility in the market economy.

The education geared towards applying natural sciences to practice, combined with economic and marketing competences, opens up a broad range of expert and managerial positions for graduates. Degree-holders find placements in areas such as product development and marketing in the food, forestry and chemical industries and they may also work as experts in advisory and commercial activities for banks, insurance institutions and organisations, for example. In the public sector, experts in this field work as researchers and teachers, as well as in various demanding planning and administrative positions.

Studies in agricultural and food sciences are only available in Finland at the University of Helsinki, whereas forest sciences can be studied at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland. The names of subjects and the contents and focus areas of studies vary between universities.