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Arts in universities


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Art and Design

The Art and Design field plays a significant role in society. The field focuses on producing services, contents, products and visual solutions. Art and Design combined with various sciences create a strong basis for renewable design, solutions, research and business activities in different contexts.

Those applying for the Art and Design field are required to possess artistic talent and innovativeness. The field offers the opportunity to explore areas such as graphic design, industrial design, new media, visual arts education, textile arts, fashion design as well as film and television, including scenography.

The professions of university graduates from Art and Design programmes include:

  • industrial designer
  • interior architect and furniture designer
  • clothing designer
  • costume and set designer
  • film and photography professional
  • communication and new media professional
  • art teacher
  • master art craftsperson
  • art and design researcher.

Art and Design programmes are available at the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki and at the University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design.

Aalto University School of Art and Design: Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes

University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design: Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes

Fine Arts

There is a wide range of artists from the following occupational groups working in fine arts:

  • painters
  • sculptors
  • graphic artists
  • photographic artists
  • media, performance and video artists.

Fine Arts studies include both theoretical and artistic studies. The field requires artistic and visual talent, mastery of various materials and techniques as well as manual skills. All visual artists already develop their own individual working methods, motifs and visions during their studies.

Fine Arts students graduate to become liberal artists who often work in various expert assignments in the visual arts. Many of those working as artists also work as visual arts teachers, for example.

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki is an international academy based in Finland focusing on fine arts. The Academy offers education in sculpture, the moving image, painting, contextual art, graphic arts and photography.

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts/University of the Arts Helsinki: Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees


The general role of higher education and research in Music is to develop Finnish music culture and foster cultural heritage.

Music graduates usually work as:

  • musicians
  • orchestral or choral conductors
  • composers
  • teachers
  • expert administrators
  • researchers.

University education in Music is provided by the Sibelius Academy, which offers degree programmes in music performance, jazz, vocal music or orchestral and choral conducting. The Kuopio unit offers studies in church music. Subject teacher training in music is available at the Universities of Jyväskylä and Oulu.

Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts Helsinki): Bachelor and Master of Music degrees

Theatre and Dance

In addition to traditional theatre, competences in the Theatre and Dance field are also extensively utilised in many other fields. For instance, methods of applied drama are used to organise both business training and playback theatre sessions.

In addition to lectures, studies in Theatre and Dance consist of artistic projects, workshops and practical assignments. Theatre and Dance education also emphasises every student’s own unique artistic character. Acting students usually complete their work placements in Finnish professional theatres.

Professions in the field include actor, director and dancer. Furthermore, new professions are emerging alongside these, covering an extensive field of activities ranging from audiovisual assignments to teaching. This concerns dance and sound and lighting design, in particular, but also other dramatic arts. For instance, television and radio activities as well as film production employ theatre professionals.

The expanding job profile in the theatre field increases work opportunities both for freelancers and independent theatre ensembles as well as opportunities to become an entrepreneur.

You can study Theatre and Dance at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki and Theatrical Arts at the University of Tampere School of Communication, Media and Theatre. In addition to Theatre and Dance programmes, the field covers areas such as sound and lighting design.