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Application period to vocational teacher education 2 Jan to 23 Jan. Check available study options


The first joint application of 2020 has ended.

Remember to deliver the required attachments and preliminary assignments on time. 

The attachments need to be completely uploaded to the application form, and the application form needs to be saved before the deadline. 

You can find information on how to submit the attachments on the application form. For additional information, please contact the admissions services of the university or UAS you are applying to. 

Business, administration and law in universities

People gathering for a meeting in the office.

Business Administration ι Law

Business Administration

The field of Business Administration prepares experts to meet the challenges of rapidly changing and internationalising business life.

Students in Business Administration concentrate on areas such as financial management, marketing, and leadership and management. The education also emphasises entrepreneurship and international aspects. A degree in this field provides capabilities to analyse business finances and make related decisions.

Graduates mainly work in various managerial and expert positions within companies and public administration as well as organisations. Studies in Business Administration also offer pathways to further studies and scientific research as well as to entrepreneurship.


In the field of Law, students explore the legal system in Finland and the European Union, public and private law as well as general law.

Law graduates are primarily employed in the judiciary, public administration, legal representation activities and business life. Traditional law professions are judge, lawyer and prosecutor. Many Law graduates also work as state and municipal civil servants in different branches of administration.

Lawyers are also needed in companies or industrial plants, especially as experts in corporate law. It is also common for lawyers to set up their own law firms. Other job titles for lawyers include Rural Police Chief, Registrar, Chief Tax Inspector and City Bailiff. More and more lawyers also work on international assignments.

Holders of the Bachelor of Laws degree may work in legal aid offices and for the police or other authorities, for example. Insurance companies, banks, various organisations and law firms providing legal representation or advisory services employ Bachelors of Laws in administrative and expert assignments.

Masters of Laws may complete court training, which makes them eligible for the title ‘Master of Laws trained on the bench’ (varatuomari). The majority of lawyers and prosecutors and almost all judges have completed court training.