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Fine arts

There is a wide range of artists from the following occupational groups working in fine arts:

  • painters
  • sculptors
  • graphic artists
  • photographic artists
  • media, performance and video artists.

Fine Arts studies include both theoretical and artistic studies. The field requires artistic and visual talent, mastery of various materials and techniques as well as manual skills. All visual artists already develop their own individual working methods, motifs and visions during their studies.

Fine Arts students graduate to become liberal artists who often work in various expert assignments in the visual arts. Many of those working as artists also work as visual arts teachers, for example.

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki is an international academy based in Finland focusing on fine arts. The Academy offers education in sculpture, the moving image, painting, contextual art, graphic arts and photography.

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts/University of the Arts Helsinki: Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees