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Social sciences

Students of social work sit on the stairs.

Areas of interest in Social Sciences include political, economic and social issues.

Social scientists examine human communities and groups and different forms of people’s collaboration and sense of community, such as difference and similarity, values, norms, attitudes, customs, administration, culture, the world of work and politics. Researchers interview, survey, analyse and observe individuals and groups, as well as explore the causes of shortcomings, such as poverty and racism, and the effects of fast or slow changes, such as revolutions and wars or industrialisation and evolution of the mass media.

The field offers studies in areas such as sociology, economics, political history, political science, development studies, administrative sciences, cultural studies, tourism, communication and municipal science.

Graduates from Social Sciences programmes often find employment in central and local governments and various organisations. Alongside the major subject, minor subjects often play a role in the type of work which graduates may find. If you are interested in business life, for example, you can choose Law or Business studies as minor subjects.