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The admission results in the spring joint application to higher education have been published. Admissions from waiting lists has ended.

Higher education institutions can arrange supplementary application rounds during the summer for study places that were not filled in the primary joint application round. See the list of supplementary applications available.

The autumn joint application to higher education 1 to 15 September 2021. Check out study programmes offered in English in the renewed Studyinfo!

Image link to study programmes offered in the autumn joint application to higher education in the renewed Studyinfo.

Doctoral degree


At universities you can study for scientific or artistic postgraduate degrees, which are the licentiate and the doctorate. It is also possible to study specialist postgraduate degrees in the medical fields. Licentiate and doctoral degrees are closely linked to scientific research conducted in universities.

The requirement for postgraduate studies is a relevant Master’s or corresponding degree.

University postgraduate education aims at a doctoral degree. Doctoral degrees comprise 240 ECTS credits and take around 4 years to accomplish, or alternatively 2 further years following the pre-doctoral Licentiate degree.

Doctoral programmes include research, a certain amount of studies in the chosen discipline and in the student’s own field of research and a Doctoral thesis that is defended in public. Studies on a doctoral level in Finland are available either as ready-made Doctoral programmes or as tailor-made alternatives.

A pre-doctoral degree called a Licentiate can be completed before the Doctor’s degree. It takes approximately 2 years to complete and comprises 60 ECTS credits.

Postgraduate research is often conducted in graduate schools. Graduate schools, or doctoral programmes, prepare the doctoral candidate for a doctoral degree, and may be arranged as a co-operation between different universities.

Specialist Degree in Medicine

In the field of medicine a physician’s basic degree is called Licentiate of Medicine. After completing the basic degree it is possible to complete a Specialist Degree in Medicine, which is a professional postgraduate degree. While completing the degree, the candidate works as an assistant physician.

A physician can specialise in for example general practice, neurosurgery, general surgery, children’s diseases or hand surgery. It takes 5, 6 or 8 years to complete a Specialist Degree.


Doctoral degrees are not included in the joint application. You can apply for doctoral studies through the university in question.