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My Studyinfo -service

The My Studyinfo -service provides services for registered users.  You can only access the My Studyinfo -service by registering with Finnish online banking credentials (e-identification must be enabled), a Finnish electronic ID-card or mobile certificate. Identification methods for foreigners in e-Identification are not currently supported. 

Applicants who have none of these cannot access this service. However, applicants can edit their personal details, applications and confirm a study place and enroll to educational institutions using a personal link sent automatically by Studyinfo in relevant phase of admission process.

The application information shown in the My Studyinfo -service is linked to the Finnish personal identity number of the person who is registered.

As an identified user you can

In My applications section:

  • View and edit your application:
    • edit your personal details
    • change the order of preference of study programme choices during the application period
    • add and remove study programme choices during the application period
    • view your application and print it out
  • check your admission results
  • confirm a study place
  • give notification of attendance
  • enroll to a higher education institution through OILI-service
  • view your admission letter and print it out

Any changes you make will come into effect immediately.

After the application period has ended, your most recent changes will stay in effect.

In My studies section (Only available in Finnish and Swedish):

  • View and share information about your studies

Study information available:

  • Basic education and secondary education from 2018 onwards
  • Matriculation examinations from 1990 onwards
  • Higher education from 1995 onwards (varies by higher education institution)


Information about electronic identification

Get information on different identification alternatives and how to acquire identification tools at the website.