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English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes published!
Check available options in Joint application to higher education, spring 2021.
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Autumn joint application:

Links to the ID codes used to register into the general UAS selection tests have now been sent via SMS and email.
This ID is required in order to register to the selection test. 

You can also find the link to the ID code by logging into the My Studyinfo-service. 

Results of selection based on grades are now published. See your results by logging into the My Studyinfo-service. 

COVID-19 and student admission

Updated 9 April 2020 with information about university entrance exams

COVID-19 coronavirus and its spreading can possibly affect student admission processes. On this page, you can find current information regarding the organisation of student admission during the coronavirus outbreak.

See information on the effects of coronavirus on education services collected by the National Agency for Education.

Finnish Immigration Service MIGRI has collected frequently asked questions regarding the effects of the coronavirus on the services and operations of MIGRI on their webpage. See the MIGRI website for information. 

International student! How to apply for a residency permit this year (

Vocational and general upper secondary education institutions

Entrance examinations and aptitude tests conducted by vocational and general upper secondary education institutions can be affected by the spreading of coronavirus. See the website of the institutions in question for further information. If necessary, contact the institution directly.

Higher education institutions

The joint application to Finnish/Swedish degree programmes was arranged normally. The application period was from 18th March 8 am (EET) until 1 April 15pm (EEST).

Higher education institutes inform applicants on possible alterations to entrance exams on their own webpages, as well as possibly in other media outlets.

Universities (updated 9 April 2020)

The Finnish universities have concluded that, due to the coronavirus situation, organising traditional entrance examinations is not possible without compromising the safety of those involved. The universities will disseminate information on the changed admission procedures as soon as possible regarding the examinations scheduled for April. The details on all other entrance examinations will be communicated no later than 30 April.

Universities Finland (UNIFI) has gathered information on the special arrangements caused by the spreading of coronavirus onto their webpage. See the list of universities’ webpages for information (page in Finnish, information available in English)

Universities of applied sciences

The universities of applied sciences have, in view of the pandemic situation, decided that the second joint AMK entrance examinations in the joint application to Finnish/Swedish degree programmes this spring will be organised online.

Entrance examinations organized in Finland to universities of applied sciences in the joint application of the spring 2020 (the January application period) are cancelled. Instead of entrance examinations, students are admitted based on their educational prowess (= diploma grades) and by separate admission tasks. Find more information on the situation on the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences’ webpage.