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The Admission results of joint application to higher education will be announced on 30 June at the latest. More information

If you are already a Finnish resident

People appreciate education in Finland. Without education it is difficult to find employment, run errands or participate in society. As an immigrant, you can participate in basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and training, and higher education. In many cases, you can benefit from the courses, qualifications and work experience that you have acquired abroad when supplementing your studies in Finland.

All immigrants of compulsory school age (aged 7 to 17) with permanent residence in Finland have the right to receive the same basic education as Finns. Immigrants of all ages can study Finnish or Swedish as part of their integration training. The objective is as functional bilingualism as possible, in other words, command of the Finnish or Swedish language while maintaining your native language and culture. The courses are organised by educational institutes and organisations. Contact your TE Services (Public employment and business services) for information on language courses and questions about integration services.

Read more on integration training from the brochures provided by Ministry of Employment and the Economy.