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Adult basic education for immigrants

Adult basic education prepares you and gives you the competence for upper secondary education and vocational upper secondary education and training. An individual study plan is made for adult basic education which takes into account earlier studies or otherwise acquired knowledge and skills.

The studies leading to adult basic education are roughly comparable with grades 1-6 of children’s basic education and the actual basic education is roughly comparable with grades 7-9 of children’s basic education.

You can take mother tongue and literature classes according to Finnish or Swedish as second language and literature syllabus if your mother tongue is other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami and

  • your basic language skills are lacking; or
  • your language skills do not give you the requirements to study Finnish language and literature syllabus

You can receive adult basic education if

  • you have arrived to Finland at the end of your basic education syllabus but you have not had the chance to receive basic education certificate at compulsory education age or if your knowledge of the basic education syllabus is weak
  • you are an immigrant aged 17-25 and you need the basic education certificate and preparedness for studies in order to continue your studies on upper secondary level
  • you are an immigrant and need to strengthen the skills leading to basic education, such as reading and writing skills, mathematical preparedness, and basic information of the Finnish society and community
  • you are an adult immigrant and need the basic education certificate in order to continue to further studies.

During adult basic education you can

  • complete basic education syllabus
  • study individual basic education subjects
  • improve the grades of your basic education certificate
  • complete studies leading to adult basic education or parts of them.

Studies leading to adult basic education for immigrants

If you have previously, for example

  • had integration training for immigrants
  • had training for illiterate immigrants; and/or
  • received instruction preparing for basic education

and you cannot yet manage actual basic education studies, you can move on to studies leading to adult basic education. During the studies leading to adult basic education you will receive such knowledge and skills that you can continue your studies in the actual adult basic education or other study programme.