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The admission results in the spring joint application to higher education have been published. Admissions from waiting lists has ended.

Higher education institutions can arrange supplementary application rounds during the summer for study places that were not filled in the primary joint application round. See the list of supplementary applications available.

The autumn joint application to higher education 1 to 15 September 2021. Check out study programmes offered in English in the renewed Studyinfo!

Image link to study programmes offered in the autumn joint application to higher education in the renewed Studyinfo.

Integration of immigrants


Immigrants are provided orientation in Finland so they learn how to act in the country. An integration plan that includes integration training is drawn up for immigrants.

This training includes, among other things,

  • learning Finnish or Swedish
  • finding a job or a place of study, and
  • becoming familiar with Finnish society.

Integration allowance for immigrants

If you are an unemployed immigrant and you already have an integration plan, you can receive integration allowance and maintenance allowance during integration training. The integration allowance is of an equal amount and determined on the same grounds as ordinary labour market subsidy.

The integration allowance is also means-tested, which means that, besides your own income, your parents’ income affects the amount of the allowance if you live in the same household with them.

For more information about integrations, see the Infopankki website.

Information about moving to and living in Finland.

Read more about Integration services for immigrants on the TE services website.