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Entrepreneurship training and career coaching

Entrepreneurship training

Entrepreneurship training aims at starting and developing a business. Training is available for those who are starting a business as well as those who already have one. Training is also organised as labour market training.

In entrepreneurship training you familiarise yourself with entrepreneurship and get basic information about

  • enterprising
  • setting up a business
  • different areas of entrepreneurship, such as funding, marketing, communications, taxation and financial administration.

The training develops your business idea and supports you when you are devising a business plan. After the training you should be able to start a business based on the business plan and business idea you have devised as well as develop and run your business.

In training for setting up business you can familiarise yourself more extensively on starting a business and continue to develop your business idea and business plan.

You can deepen your knowledge about, for example,

  • funding
  • accounting
  • taxation
  • marketing
  • risks of business running
  • acting as an employer.

Training is organised by, for example,

  • universities and polytechnics/UAS as a part of a degree
  • special schools
  • other organisations.

The extent and duration of the trainings vary. Short-term training often takes place as precision training about the fields of entrepreneurship, for example marketing, while long-term training is more comprehensive in nature.

Training is also organised as labour market training. If you start a business when you are unemployed, you can receive a start-up grant.

Entrepreneur’s apprenticeship training (in Finnish)

Entrepreneur degree

During the entrepreneur degree

  • You receive professional help and training for developing your business idea and business plan.
  • You can carry out a development project important for your business.
  • The society supports your development project and training: you can receive financial support for your studies.
  • You receive tools for continuing entrepreneurship, for example during change of ownership.
  • You can complete an entrepreneur degree alongside the development project.

Entrepreneur’s further vocational qualification

Business manager specialised vocational qualification

Both degrees are completed as part of your own entrepreneurship.

Management consultant’s specialised vocational qualification

Entrepreneurship career coaching and business incubators

You can take part in entrepreneurship career coaching either as part of vocational school or higher education or in addition to these educations.

During entrepreneurship career coaching you will learn basic information about entrepreneurship, for example,

  • business planning
  • financial administration
  • marketing
  • customer acquisition
  • profitability calculation; and
  • using IT in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship career coaching is for businesses just starting up, those who plan to start a business, and entrepreneurs.