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The admission results for the joint application to higher education are now published. If you are offered admission, please confirm the study place by the 16th of July before 3 PM (EEST).

You can be offered admission from a waiting list until the 2nd of August.

Keep in mind that you can accept only one offer of admission to one degree programme, and all other offers are automatically cancelled.

Check instructions on admission results and how to accept an offer of admission.

Applying for English-language vocational education and training

Applications to English-language vocational programmes should be made directly to the vocational institution in question.

Each educational institution decides on student admission criteria for foreign-language vocational education and training. For further information, please contact the vocational institution providing the programme in question.

Selection criteria

In terms of student selection for upper secondary vocational education and training (VET), points are usually awarded, among other things, for general academic success and success in the relevant subjects, for work experience and for results in the entrance examination or a possible aptitude test.

Vocational institutions can organise a language test for applicants to their foreign-language programmes, in order to determine whether applicants have sufficient language skills to pursue their studies. Admission requirements for foreign-language programmes may also include adequate Finnish / Swedish language skills.

Applicants applying with foreign qualifications must send copies of their educational certificates to the schools by the end of the application period.

Announcement of results and admittance

The results of admission to programmes starting in autumn are usually announced in the summer. Vocational institutions provide further information about selection schedules.

You can accept a student place once admission results have come through. However, you must accept the place by the specified date or you will lose the place.

Vocational institutions usually send a letter to every student admitted.

More information about the study programmes

See more information about the study programmes