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The higher education institutions will publish results from the joint application to higher education according to their own timetables during spring.
All results will be published on 4 June 2021 at the latest.

Check instructions on admission results and how to accept an offer of admission.

Industrial Supervision, Technical Planning and Product Development

Where to work and what to do: 

Tasks in the field are completed in areas of industrial planning, construction or civil engineering.

In the area of construction, you can work in e.g. redevelopment or repairs of housing, process and material engineering or energy and chemical industries.

In the area of industrial planning, you can model products and create design documents, which enable the production and development of various products. For example, in this field you could find employment as a technical planning assistant. As a technical planning assistant,  you can be responsible for measuring and controlling the lifespan of the product, giving guidance in use and maintenance for the customers and creating process and layout plans.

In the area of civil engineering, you could be responsible for creating model databases and design documents to create and maintain networks for energy and water maintenance, land use and traffic planning. You could additionally work within the creation of environmental and location information. Typical areas of responsibility for civil engineering include roads, railroads and street networks, city planning, water and energy networks and waste management.

Having completed the special vocational qualification in Product Development, you can develop and renew products, services and operations models in your field. You have the ability to design product development in a customer-oriented manner, turn your ideas and services into products and create a functioning brand for your products. You create quick and agile experiments with the use of new methods and tools. You are an innovator in your organisation and can work together with a development team.

Admission: You can apply to basic vocational education either in the spring joint application or in the flexible admission throughout the year. You can apply to all vocational qualifications via the flexible admission.