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The higher education institutions will publish results from the joint application to higher education according to their own timetables during spring.
All results will be published on 4 June 2021 at the latest.

Check instructions on admission results and how to accept an offer of admission.

Mechanical, Process, Energy and Electrical Engineering

Qualifications in the field of Vehicles and Aeronautics Engineering

With a qualification in the field of Vehicles you will attain competencies related to the maintenance and repair of vehicles. The work environment in the car industry is international and full of both tight and loose networks, and the field requires versatile professionals with competencies from multiple areas. Customer-oriented, quality service is highlighted in the field.

With a qualification in the field of Aeronautics Engineering you will gain the competencies needed to succeed in maintenance, repair and modification of aircraft.

Where to work and what to do?

Tasks in the field are versatile, and mostly related to maintenance, repair and sales of machinery and appliances. As a professional in the field, you could work in car dealerships, repair shops, car trade, industrial positions, airlines, airports or the air force.

Requirements: In the field of Vehicles you are expected to carry versatile competence, skills to apply technical competencies appropriately and good collaboration and customer service skills. Challenges in the field include tightly spectating technological advancements and reuse of materials.

The basic vocational qualification in Aeronautical Engineering includes several special health requirements.

The field of Aeronautical Engineering is international and requires accuracy, absolute following of rules and guidance, language competence and vast technical competencies.


Qualification in the field of Mining, Mechanical and Production Engineering 

With a qualification in Machinery and Production Engineering you will gain the competencies needed especially in tasks related to the technological industry. However, these competencies are suitable and useful in production in other fields and more generally in the maintenance of industrial facilities.

Where to work and what to do? 

In Production you can work with mechanizing parts with machine tools and in robotized central machining cells. Managing various finishing methods could also be a part of your work description. In this field, you prepare disc parts with numerically controlled machines and automatic disc punching machines. You can carefully weld mechanical parts together by hand, mechanically or with the use of robotics.

In the technology industry, you can additionally maintain versatile machinery and apparatus. If you are employed in maintenance, you can supervise and measure the use and status of machinery and install machinery, apparatus and automation systems.

In the field of Mining Engineering, you will work with tasks related to quarrying, bedrock support, equipment maintenance, maintenance of production, ore benefication and process automation.

Requirements in the field: The technology industry requires versatile, strong and specialized competencies, and employment in the field is stable. Services related to trading machinery are expanding, which increases the need for specialists in maintenance and installation.


Qualifications in the field of Electrical and Automation Engineering 

In the field of Electrical and Automation Engineering, various professionals in the production, transfer, distribution, installation, repairs and maintenance of electrical networks are needed. With a qualification in Electrical Engineering you will attain the aforementioned competencies.

Where to work and what to do? Work descriptions in the field are versatile, demanding and continuously evolving. As a professional in the field, you will install and maintain distribution networks or electrical and automation systems in facilities. Customer service skills are essential.

Requirements in the field: As a professional in the field you are required to be responsible and elaborate. You have to internalize the fundamental principles of electrical safety and quality-oriented thinking in order to install applications safely and reliably.

Admission: You can apply to basic vocational education either in the spring joint application or in the flexible admission throughout the year. You can apply to all vocational qualifications via the flexible admission.