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The higher education institutions will publish results from the joint application to higher education according to their own timetables during spring.
All results will be published on 4 June 2021 at the latest.

Check instructions on admission results and how to accept an offer of admission.

Process, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Qualifications in the field of Food Processing

With a qualification in the field of Food you will attain the competencies needed in the production, packaging and storage of food items and bakery products. You will also gain skills needed in supervisory positions in processed food, confectionery and beverage industries as well as dairy, bakery and meat industries.

Where to work and what to do? 

As a professional in the field you can work in production, packaging and storage of food items or various positions in large-scale food industry. With a special vocational qualification in either Food Processing or the field of Pastry Education work in supervisory or expert positions in the respective fields.

Requirements: As a professional in the field you are required to be quality-conscious, punctual, responsible and customer service-oriented. You work according to field-specific quality and hygiene requirements while handling ingredients carefully and economically.

Qualifications in the field of Process and Material Engineering

The field of Process and Material Engineering contains professional fields related to chemical, plastic, rubber and wood industries as well as forestry and finishing industries. With a qualification in material engineering, you will attain the competencies needed in direction, maintenance and administration tasks in the process engineering industry as well as administering production processes, quality control, research and product development.

Where to work and what to do? Having completed a qualification in wood, plastic and rubber production you could be employed in tasks relating to the use of work and machine tools and programming in automatic production lines and robotized production cells. After completing a qualification in Finishing, you could work within e.g. painting, wallpapering, coating and installing laminate or hardwood floors.

In the wood industry, you will prepare industrial wood products and act in process management. In the production of plastic and rubber, you will use your competencies in order to produce plastic and rubber related products. In process industries, you will work within the processes of chemical, mass, paper, metal refining and foundry industries.

Requirements: To succeed in the field, you are required to possess process management skills in addition to competencies related to materials and safety of the production process. Work in the field requires expert knowledge on how to handle various materials, assembly skills and competencies to operate machinery.


Qualifications in the field of Textiles and Fashion 

With a qualification in the field of Textiles and Fashion, you will develop your competencies according to your choice either in the production of  clothing, headgear and accessories, footwear, interior design textiles and products and designer products. Alternatively, you can develop competencies in the industrial production and maintenance of textiles or as an assistant in international fashion.

Principles in your work should be good customer service, quality assurance and consciousness for resources and sustainable development. You are informed on current and prior fashion, design and trends. You communicate about your competencies and professional skills, while using digital solutions collaboratively in a global and multicultural working environment. You have the competence to create products using different materials, techniques and machinery.

Where to work and what to do? Based on your competencies, you can work in production, design, sales, marketing or maintenance of textiles, clothing, accessories or footwear. Places of work include smaller enterprise as well as industries, stores, wardrobes, launderettes or rental agencies.

Requirements: The field suits creative and ambitious professionals.

Admission: You can apply to basic vocational education either in the spring joint application or in the flexible admission throughout the year. You can apply to all vocational qualifications via the flexible admission.