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9–24 January 3 PM (UTC/GMT +2) Joint Application to higher education: Application period 1. Available study options



Qualifications in the field of culture (vocational qualifications, further qualifications and specialist qualifications) impart the competence needed in tasks in the fields of crafts and design, information and communication, theatre and dance, circus arts and music.

The field of culture provides experiences and services that enhance the quality of life. Typically, professionals in this field have aesthetic, visual and cultural competence, they have good manual skills and competence in making products, and they engage in entrepreneurial activities. Jobs in the sector are offered by small and medium enterprises, through subcontracting activities and in advisory organisations. Some are also found in the services sector and industries.

A number of new professions and tasks are emerging in this field. In the future, professionals of culture will be needed not only to work through the traditional channels but also in the continuously evolving media. It is also typical for professionals in this sector to work as freelancers who have short-term employment relationships with several employers.