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Supplementary application for joint application to higher education has started. Read more on supplementary application. Higher education institutions arrange supplementary application rounds between 2 July and 15 August for study places that were not filled during the primary application round. Check available study options.


Admission results for joint application to higher education are ready. If you are offered a study place in the joint application of spring 2018 by 28 June, accept the study place by 10 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3). If you are offered a study place after 28 June, accept the study place by the given date.


Application to preparatory education for general and vocational upper secondary education open from 22.5. until 24.7.!

Read more: 

VALMA – Preparatory education for upper secondary vocational education and training

LUVA – Preparatory education for general upper secondary education

Learn more about your study options (both in Finnish and Swedish)


Natural resources and the environment

Two women feed cows in the cowshed. Photo: Olli Häkämies

Qualifications in Natural resources and the environment (vocational qualifications, further qualifications, and specialist qualifications) provide the student with the competence needed for various tasks in agriculture, forestry or other nature-based industries.

The structural change of rural areas is bringing about new industries, operating methods, and forms of enterprise. Tasks in this sector must take into account the sustainable use of natural resources and environmentally friendly operations. The enlargement of the EU and the globalisation of markets pose challenges to competitiveness, particularly in the natural resources sectors.

Professionals with a qualification in Natural Resources and the Environment are employed by agricultural and forestry farms, horticultural enterprises, landscaping and forestry enterprises, and in the horticultural trade either as entrepreneurs or employees. The number of jobs in environmental and landscape management services is increasing.

Those engaged in the sector of natural resources and the environment work with animals, plants, and associated technology. The work frequently requires a good level of physical fitness, a capacity to work in variable conditions and a respect for nature. Customer service work also continuously creates growth opportunities in the sector.

These include

  • farm relief services
  • pet boarding services
  • agricultural machinery contracting and subcontracting
  • equine sector services
  • landscaping and plantscaping
  • forest, water system and environmental management services
  • wilderness, nature tourism, and agritourism services.