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Application to preparatory education for general and vocational upper secondary education open from 22.5. until 24.7.!

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VALMA – Preparatory education for upper secondary vocational education and training

LUVA – Preparatory education for general upper secondary education

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Social Sciences, business and administration

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Qualifications in social sciences, business, and administration (vocational qualification, further qualifications, and specialist qualifications) give the students competence needed for employment in various tasks of industrial life associated with customer service, trade, office work or administration.

Those engaged in the business sector require general competence in business administration, good cooperation and interaction skills, language skills, and information technology. Business professionals are reliable and quality conscious, show initiative, and are customer service and cooperation oriented, flexible and good organisers, and they have a positive and responsible attitude to their work and customers.

Mastering financial thinking is a typical requirement of the business sector. This international field requires good language skills and knowledge of other cultures. The work is customer-oriented, versatile, and variable, and it is often possible to move from one task to another in the field.

The field offers good opportunities for progressing to supervisory and international tasks and enterprising activities. Jobs in the field are offered by retailers and wholesalers, enterprises producing, selling, or brokering services, public administration organisations, offices, banks, insurance companies, libraries, and information service enterprises.

The employment outlook in the field is flexible and good. Competence obtained and demonstrated for qualifications in this field can be widely utilised in all sectors of business life. In general, there is a demand for skilled labour in the sector. In some vocational fields of these qualifications, a generation change is taking place, which helps to secure employment for those having demonstrated their vocational skills.