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Supplementary application for joint application to higher education has started. Read more on supplementary application. Higher education institutions arrange supplementary application rounds between 2 July and 15 August for study places that were not filled during the primary application round. Check available study options.


Admission results for joint application to higher education are ready. If you are offered a study place in the joint application of spring 2018 by 28 June, accept the study place by 10 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3). If you are offered a study place after 28 June, accept the study place by the given date.


Application to preparatory education for general and vocational upper secondary education open from 22.5. until 24.7.!

Read more: 

VALMA – Preparatory education for upper secondary vocational education and training

LUVA – Preparatory education for general upper secondary education

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Social services, health and sports

Sports students in a wagon in the forest. Photo: Jyrki Vesa

Qualifications in Social Services, Health and Sports (vocational qualifications, further qualifications and specialist qualifications) impart skills needed for tasks in the social, health, sports, and beauty care fields. Jobs are offered by enterprises and public organisations providing health, rehabilitation, sports, hair care, and beauty care services.

These include

  • health centres
  • hospital
  • rehabilitation units
  • medical centres and oral health care units
  • sports and social services units (e.g. in the fields of early childhood education and care for the elderly, substance abuse patients, and disabled persons)
  • exercise and sports clubs
  • hair and beauty care salons.

The work may also be carried out in a customer’s home.

The services provided in this field aim to improve the customers’ or patients’ health, well-being and ability to function, increase their safety, prevent health and social hazards, and provide them with beauty services, aesthetic experiences, and comfort.

Those working in this field need

  • good interaction skills
  • cooperation skills
  • customer service skills
  • flexibility
  • organizational abilities

Professionals in this field observe vocational ethics, the knowledge base of the field, and regulations in their work. They give due consideration to safety and have a responsible attitude toward their work. The field requires an understanding of human nature, good language skills, and knowledge of other cultures.

The work is customer-oriented and variable, and it offers plenty of opportunities to move from one task to another in the field. The possibilities of progressing to further studies and enterprising activities in the field are excellent. The tasks require a good level of physical ability to function, mental balance, and the ability to interact with different people. The applicable legislation imposes requirements on the employee’s state of health.

The employment outlook in the field is extremely good, and skilled labour is in demand. The demand for labour may vary based on your area of expertise and profession.

Depending on the task and job, the work may be daytime or shift work.