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Architecture and construction

Constructers build a house. Photo: Jyrki Vesa

Qualifications in Construction impart the competence required in the construction phase of buildings and infrastructures and the maintenance of the built-up environment.

Professionals in the construction sector engage in new construction and continuous maintenance of residential buildings, workplaces and recreational facilities as well as transport networks, various environmental structures, and water and energy supply networks. There is an essential difference between jobs at construction sites and those in mass production industries.

Individual construction projects are implemented at their final sites following planning drawings and documents. While the advancement of working methods and tools has helped lighten the most cumbersome work phases, work at a building site still requires a good level of physical fitness.

The construction sector has traditionally had rather close links with economic fluctuations, but a significant expansion in renovations and system maintenance has brought about a change in the sector. These jobs are independent of building sector trends and have contributed to stabilising the employment situation in the field.