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Information and telecommunications

Picture of the mouse on the globe

The Information and Telecommunications sector ensures the construction, maintenance and high-quality operation of information and telecommunications systems that underlie society’s functions. Innovations in this sector are constantly breaking new ground.

Applications targeting different service sectors play a role in the life and quality of life of all citizens. Information and telecommunications equipment is used to manage an ever-increasing share of people’s social activities and finances. People need advice and guidance when new applications and functions are introduced in their homes and elsewhere.

Various types of professionals are needed in this sector for the construction, installation, repair, servicing and maintenance tasks of systems and hardware. Vocational, Further and Specialist Qualifications in Information and Telecommunications technology give competence in these tasks.

Tasks in this sector are highly versatile and demanding. Professionals of information and telecommunications technology work in an area where hardware and systems are undergoing a rapid development and documentation of hardware and services is written in English.