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Admission results for the joint Application 2020 for higher education (study programmes offered in English) are ready.

If you have been admitted to a study programme, you will receive a notification of this to your email.

Please note that you can confirm only one study place per academic term. Confirm the study place by 17 July by 3 pm (UTC/GMT +3).


Higher education institutes organize supplementary applications during July and August. In these applications, you can apply to degree programmes where the applicant quota was not filled.

See the selection of available degree programmes taught in English in supplementary applications.

Studyinfo-service (incl. My Studyinfo) suffered from technical issues 14.7. from 15.37 until 15:59. 

If you confirmed a study place during this time period, please check the My Studyinfo-service if the confirmation has succeeded. 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by the disruption. 

What is Studyinfo? is the official and up-to-date website with all the information about study programmes leading to a degree in Finland. At you can find information on different degrees and qualifications and learn about studies in educational institutions in Finland. The service can be used to find different study options and apply for the studies online.

The Studyinfo portal is maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). Finnish educational institutions and higher education institutions maintain their own study programme information on Studyinfo.

Studyinfo is supported on the newest versions of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
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  • Safari

The Studyinfo portal is implemented by the Ministry of Education and Culture as the Learner’s Online Services, which is part of the Action Programme on eServices and Democracy (SADe programme). The goal of the programme is to promote the development of effective approaches and methods across administrative boundaries.

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